Our gourmet pork comes from select breeds of rare, heritage pigs:  Berkshire, Large Black, Mangalitsa, Tamworth, and Gloucestershire Old Spot.

We like diversity in our pigs, and each is chosen specifically for their complex meat flavors and unique density and marbling, and brings an added deliciousness to the table



Our pigs eat an all-natural diet, and a variety in food is important for their nutrition. They graze on native plants, grasses, and forage seasonal nuts and fruits. They dig for tubers, grubs and insects, providing essential nutrients. We supplement their diet with our feed of wheat, high-oleic peanuts, and barley.

In the fall, a selection of our finest pigs are finished for about a 45-day period on a diet of acorns and chufa, producing a nutty, delicious meat flavor.  A mile-long corridor of white oak trees provides thousands of acorns, and they root the chufa tubers planted beside them. 

Our pigs receive no routine antibiotics or artificial supplements.  They grow at a slower, more natural rate, 8 months to a year, producing a pork product that is superior in flavor and better for you.


Our pigs are processed at a small, local, governmentally USDA inspected facility, Williamsburg Packing Company, located near us in Kingstree, SC. Animal Welfare Approved certifies it as a humane handling facility.